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Our Products

  • Epoxy Powder Coatings

    Epoxy powder coatings

    Epoxy powder coating increases a material’s toughness and also adds chemical and abrasion resistance to materials.

    It is resistant to acid, solvent and chemichals. They are used as insulator coats on electrical equipments. Epoxy powder can easily create matte

    Therefore Surfaces , it is used on decorative products. The disadvantage of epoxy powder coating is when over curred yellowing can occur.

    Another disadvantage of epoxy powder coating is it is not resistant to UV lights, after too much sun exposure, it take son a chalky look . Therefore, outdoor use is not suggested

  • Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating

    Epoxy polyester powder coating

    Expoxy polyester powder coating – also known as Hybrid- is greater cost saving alternative to expoxy paint for indoor

    applications. It is designed for decorative indoor uses which do not require any UV resistance that outdoor applications do.

    Compare to epoxy, hybrid coating contians polyester and therefore it is more resistant to yellowing.

    The ratio of resin to polyster can vary from 50/50 to 80/20 based on to customer demand. It is highly mechanical resistant.

    Epoxy polyester powder coating is commonly used in metalic furniture,appliances, lighting and, automotive industries.

  • Polyester Powder Coating

    Polyester powder coating

    Polyester powder coatings are resistant to UV lights. Therefore, they are preferred for outdoor applications. They are highly

    mechanical resistant. Compared to epoxy and hybrid powder coating, polyester powder coatings are more resistant to yellowing.

    Since, resin and pigments used in polyseter coating , they are resistant to high heat and can be used in heating appliances such

    as oven, and electrical heater. Super resistant polyester powder coatings have 2 or 3 times (30 years) longer life than normal

    polyester powder coatings. They are intensively used in architectural exterior applications..

  • Polyurethane Powder Coating

    Polyurethane powder coating

    Polyurethane powder coatings are usually preffered in surfaces that are matte and/or surfaces that require UV resistance. They

    have greater surface expansion. Genarally, they are used in automotive parts and wood grain transfer applications.